Our TypeCraft process is broken down into four phases as follows:


In our research phase, we conducted background research on Wayang Kulit Kelantan to understand the traditional crafts and letterform process, history and philosophy through literature reviews and hands-on workshops.

Looking at case studies of using traditional crafts techniques to create beautifully designed typefaces, we identify opportunities and gaps infusing traditional crafts and processes with modern applications in type design.

Additionally, we have conversations with subject experts from the traditional crafts and type industry on the landscape of arts and heritage in the modern context and applications.




Experimentation with different traditional craft mediums and techniques are conducted during the hands-on workshop to create unique letterforms.

During this stage, we also identify presentation and hand-crafted types for further development for the showcase and prototyping. Mentoring from the crafts and type experts.


Design & Prototype

This stage involves the production of selected letterforms to be part of a collective showcase in digital form and digitalisation of selected hand-crafted type into a usable typeface.

Online Showcase

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