• To develop a range of decorative typefaces in the context of the rich crafts and traditional arts of Singapore heritage through public engagement initiatives.

  • To inspire the public to engage with design and bring people together and to be aware of the existence of these vanishing traditional crafts and its heritage.

  • To relink crafts with functionality. Often crafts have been associated with decorative purpose. With this initiative that emphasises the process we hope to highlight the multitude possibilities and applications that ‘traditional’ crafts have in today’s ‘digital’ world.


Since the early days, Singapore has always been referencing the West in its communications specifically on the selection of typeface. After it evolved to a highly developed country, there’s considerably lack of typeface choices that truly represent Singapore’s identity even though there’s an abundance of heritage arts from the 3 biggest culture here; Chinese, Malay and Indian.

This initiative begins as a way to promote, innovate, archive and celebrate the traditions of the country’s rich intangible heritage. Through the creation of digital typefaces based on traditional craft techniques, it will spark possibilities for the crafts to be expanded into contemporary art mediums.


Using the method of marrying type and traditional craft technique resulted in what is called hand-crafted type.

  • Hands-on workshops

  • Case studies

  • Identifying opportunities and gaps infusing traditional crafts and processes with type

  • Conversation with subject experts from the traditional crafts and type industry



Design & Prototyping

  • Digitisation of selected hand-crafted type into a usable typeface.



  • Experimenting with different traditional craft mediums and techniques to create unique letterforms

  • Identify presentation and hand-crafted types for further development for the showcase and prototyping.

  • Mentoring from the crafts and type experts.