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Typeface ‘Mak Erak’ was inspired by the Kelantanese Wayang Kulit art form. The name Mak Erak was selected as she is believed to be the person who created the original idea and art form of Wayang Kulit in Kelantan. She originated from South Thailand and was often seen with her husband returning from Thailand and to Java on business trips. It was told that the idea arose when the ship that Mak Erak was travelling with a load full of merchandise met with a storm and wrecked in the waters near Kelantan. She and her husband were able to cling to two Javanese wayang statues, namely Semar and Turas. Mak Erak vowed that they will stage the Wayang Kulit if they survived the disaster. Mak Erak’s idea and determination was responded well by the local people who did not have any other entertainment at that time.

Mak Erak Typeface

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