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Chapter 2: The Golden Spiral

Visually arresting, an opus of proportion, an icon of growth. The spiral remains a natural metaphor for perfect design. It satisfies visually, while promising function alongside form. It grows outward, but retains its shape and ratio -much like good design holds true to an authentic intent and purpose.


If you're looking for that little something to add an edge to your outfit of the day, take a look at our breezy, boldly printed chiffon scarves. Made of premium soft polyester with rolled hem or laser-cut scallop edgefinishing, our scarves add a certain je ne sais quoi when used as a hijab or head scarf.

Nautilus Coral Scarf

S$45.00 Regular Price
S$15.00Sale Price
    • Dimension: 1850 x 660mm
    • Subliminal print polyester chiffon
    • Rolled hem finishing
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